We provide the official smog check for all vehicles including trucks, SUVs and Gross Polluters using our cutting edge BAR-97 Emission Inspection System (EIS) required by the State of California.

The inspection includes a visual, functional and tail-pipe emissions test. Most vehicles’ emission testing requires the use of a dynamo meter for Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM), or loaded-mode test. The ASM simulates actual driving conditions and allows for more precise testing for CO, HC and NOx. These are the three most harmful pollutants emitted by motor vehicles.

Smog Test

Once the smog check is completed we will provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).This is then also transmitted to the DMV for your vehicle records. If your vehicle passes, our system will automatically transmit your Smog Certificate to the DMV electronically. This saves you time!


A “Pre-Test” allows us to perform the same test without officially passing or failing the vehicle, enabling you to make the necessary repairs or adjustments to the vehicle before performing a smog check. The “Pre-Test” is a useful diagnostic procedure for a vehicle with existing problems that may impact the vehicle’s emission system.

If your vehicle fails the initial smog check at our location we offer a “Re-Test” at a discounted price. The “Re-Test” is the exact same test as an official smog check. This is a great benefit Smog Test & Repair offers.