Why your vehicle should be “Smogged”

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A smog test is basically a test of a vehicle and its engine emissions performed at a licensed smog testing facility. The word “smog” is actually a derivative of two words “smoke” and “fog”. The aim of these smog checks is to protect public health and the environment from the dangerous effects of air pollution. Smog can be emitted from different sources, some of which include industrial fumes, hairsprays and paints, and also vehicle emissions. But vehicles are the most responsible culprits for this particular type of air pollution.

The damage smog causes to the environment cannot be over-emphasized; it severely harmful to human beings, animals, plants and to nature as a whole. You may however be considering skipping visiting a smog station to get your vehicle tested because you see that the protocol involved may be long and hectic; but you shouldn’t. Here listed are reasons why your vehicle should be “smogged”

1.     To comply with the law: Smog tests are stipulated by the law and hence dodging them is an outright disobedience of the law. And consequently it puts you in positions where you may be having constant run-ins with law enforcement officials. You can spare yourself all the hassle if you just go for your smog check at a certified smog station at the stipulated times. It is however prudent to first know if your state requires a smog check and the best way to find out is to visit your state’s DMV website.

2.     To save lives: Getting a smog check means your vehicle has been tested and found “innocent” of any smog emissions. Not getting a smog check consequently implies that your vehicle may be “guilty” of harmful smog emissions and this implies that you would have been spreading harmful substances in the air whenever you got in your car and took a walk, or a trip. Smog causes several respiratory problems like coughs, throat irritation and possibly asthma attacks. Smog can cause conditions ranging from minor pains to deadly pulmonary diseases like lung cancer; it can also be responsible for irritation in the eye. The human body suffers great difficulty in defending itself against harmful effects of smog.

3.     To get better warranties: Vehicles with high smog ratings in California are given a 15 year/150000 mile warranty on their emissions system. This warranty guarantees that these vehicles will stay as clean in 15 years as it was the day it was bought. And of course when vehicles come with these kind of warranties it broadens the market for it; in the sense that more buyers would be interested.

4.     You help save the planet: Smog checks have been found to help in reducing up to 360 tons of air impurities every day. This technically translates to lesser danger to humans, plants, animals and to the planet in the air. So when you visit smog stations regularly for your smog checks you are more or less contributing your quota to keeping the plant safe by ridding it of air pollutants.
Nevertheless there are vehicles that are exempted from smog inspections. Vehicles that have the following features:

Gasoline powered 1975 year model or older

Diesel powered 1997 year model and older or with a Gross Vehicle Weight rating (GVWR) of more than 14,000 lbs


Natural gas powered with a GVWR rating of more than 14,000 lbs.


Every other vehicle is required by law to be “smogged”.

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